HI-98111 Stick pH Tester


Product Details:

Model Number HI-98111
Brand Hanna
Accuracy +-0.01 pH
Battery Life Approx. 100 hours of continuous use
Battery Type 3 x 1.5V
Resolution 0.01 pH
Weight 70 g (2.5 oz.)
Environment 0 to 50 deg C (32 to 122 deg F); RH max 95%
Calibration Manual, 2 points
Range 1.00 to 13.00 pH
Temperature Compensation Automatic, 0 to 70 deg C (32 to 150 deg F)
Dimensions 265 x 29 x 15 mm (10.4 x 1.1 x 0.6") - with electrode
Electrode HI 1290 (included)


  • Pre-amplified electrode
  • Narrow, replaceable probe
  • Easy to hold and operate


PICCOLO® is a revolutionary pH meter with a 4-in-1 amplified electrode.

Conventional pH meters are susceptible to the weak, high impedance signal which makes the electrode, connector, cable and meter vulnerable to noise, humidity and dirty environments. PICCOLO® has overcome these problems with a pre-amplified electrode delivering a strong signal to the meter. The interchangeable electrode is inexpensive, rugged and houses the pH sensor, reference system, temperature sensor and the amplifier module.


Order Information:
HI 98112 (PICCOLO®2) is supplied complete with 160 mm (6.3”) HI 1290 amplified pH electrode, pH 4.01 and pH 7.01 buffer solution sachets, calibration screwdriver, batteries, rugged carrying case and instructions.

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